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47, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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Place Implants & Implant Prosthesis on Patients

Comprehensive Implant Course for Dental Surgeons

Delivering Excellence Since 1995


An ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Centre for Clinical Excellence 

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Practice with Confidence

  • Training by Expert Implantologists with 8+ years of Implant Experience

  • Small Batch Size for Effective Learning

  • Independent Implant Placement under One to One Supervision

  • Full After-Course Support

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Clinical Laser Dentistry

Who is this course for?

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  • Practicing general dentists who want to start placing implants in their practice

  • Dentists who want to start their practice and introduce dental implants

  • Postgraduate dentists who want to expand the scope of their practice

  • Dentists already placing implants and looking at practicing advanced implant treatments and enhancing their implant skills

  • Oral surgeons who want to enhance prosthetic skills

  • Prosthodontists who want to enhance surgical skills


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This is a 4 Module Comprehensive Course with Foundation, Surgical, Prosthetic & Advanced Modules

What is covered in the course?

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Foundation Module 

  • Introduction to Implants, Terminology, Implant Components & Designs

  • Scope, Rationale, Fundamentals, Indications, Contraindications, Science of Osseo-integration

  • Applied Anatomy, Hard & Soft Tissue Considerations, Bone Density

  • Diagnosis & Imaging, Treatment Planning, Implant Planning Using CBCT

  • Implant Placement Demonstration, Implant Placement on Jaw Models, Suturing

  • Patient Preparation, Sterilization & Asepsis, Surgical Steps

Prosthetic Module

  • Occlusion & Aesthetics

  • Impression Techniques

  • Screw Vs Cement Retained Prosthesis

  • Loading Protocols

  • Hands on Exercises on Models

  • Impressions on Patients

Advanced Module

  • Demonstration & Step-by-Step Explanation of Sinus Lift Case & Bone Graft Case

  • Management of Implant Related Complications

  • Discussion of Implant Cases Done by Participants in their Clinical Practice

What you will be able to do after completing the Implant Course?

Surgical Module

  • Implant Planning by Course Participants

  • Independent Implant Placements by Course Participants (3 Independent Implants)

  • Second Stage Surgery

  • Do Implant planning using CBCT/OPG
  • Select patients for Implants by assessing key parameters

  • Do Implant Planning & determine Implant Sizes

  • Place Implants independently

  • Perform 2nd stage surgery independently

  • Give Implant Prosthesis independently

  • Manage implant related complications if any

Glimpses from Our Implant Courses


What makes ClinMasters So unique……


Highly Trusted & Reputed Brand in Dental Education

ClinMasters is a part of ITS Education Group which has 25 years + of strong standing in the field of dental education.


Expert Faculty

We have experienced faculty with established clinical practice to provide you with expert clinical guidance.


Step by Step Approach

Didactics to build strong clinical concepts -- hands-on training on models -- patient demonstrations & assistance -- Independent patient work under faculty supervision.


100% Clinically Driven Courses

We provide ample patient work in all our courses so that doctors can truly enhance their clinical skills.


One to One Supervision

Each participant works under one-to-one guidance & and mentorship of course faculty.


Full After Course Support

You can reach out to our faculty for any case-related queries that you may have while practicing in your clinic.

Course Fee

INR 65,000/- for 3 Independent Implants on Patients and Independent Implant Prosthesis on Patients.

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